About Me


My name is Donovan, to put it simply I’m a husband to a beautiful wife, father to two amazing boys, friend to a few, but most of all an absolute lover of Jesus. Growing up I had all these pursuits and all these ideas, but now at this point in life I find myself consumed with the idea of living the first commandment at the core level of my heart. As far as everything else goes well read on and maybe you’ll come to know a little more about me & my family.

You can also find me a few other places on this tiny place called the internet. For instance you can follow me on Twitter, see what’s going on over at Facebook or you can check out my photo’s on Flickr

Looking to contact me? Shoot me an email to donovan[at]srfwc.com

For those that like to read more into things. This blog is literally just a collection of my personal thoughts and discussions and does not reflect the opinions of my church or any group or organization I may or may not be affiliated with. Seriously, I’m just a guy with a serious case of mac envy that calls this little place his home on the web.